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Breathtakingly beautiful towns on the sea, plantations and vineyards torn from the hills, incredible landscapes: there are many reasons for falling in love with Le Cinque Terre. These five little villages in Liguria’s eastern end, linked one to the other by beautiful paths and by common historical and architectural elements, are not attracting an increasing number of visitors from all over the world every year by chance.

They can be visited in one day, if the excursion is limited to two or three towns, but if you want to enjoy them all completely, it is best to commit at least two or three days to the exploration of this angle of Liguria.

From Riomaggiore to Monterosso, passing through Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza, Le Cinque Terre and their natural park are a unique sight. Start from Rio Maggiore and the Way of Love, then clamber the paths in the hills. Each one of the five towns composing Le Cinque Terre has its own soul.

Le Cinque Terre are also the birthplace of Sciacchetrà, a raisin wine whose grapes grow from plots of land extracted with a great deal of effort in the centuries from the hills’ sides by the residents.

In 1997 the National Park of Le Cinque Terre has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its paths are always very crowded with lots of visitors, especially in the summer. The best period to visit Le Cinque Terre, when the climate is mild and the number of hikers decreases, is in the spring or in autumn up until late October.

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Drink a glass of Sciacchetrà in an historical cellar

Walk on the paths through the vineyards

Admire Manarola’s charming nativity scene

Visit the beautiful Gothic church in Corniglia

Taste a mixed fish fry in a restaurant on the sea

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From the airport

You can reach Le Cinque Terre by car in slightly more than one hour. Get in the A10 highway from the Genova Aeroporto’s toll booth, direction Genova Ovest, then continue with A12 towards Livorno. Suggested highway exits: La Spezia (from here follow the road signs for La Spezia and Le Cinque Terre) and Carrodano (follow the signs for Levanto and Le Cinque Terre).

The train is the ideal mean of transportation for getting to Le Cinque Terre. There is a high frequency of trains, expecially during the summer season and the local trains stop in every station of Le Cinque Terre.  On the Pisa-Genova line, where all the long distance trains stop, the end of the line is La Spezia. Train tickets can be bought in the airport, at the arrival’s hall (ground floor).

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During the spring and the summer there are daily connections by the sea. Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore are also connected, during the day, through internal navigation lines, with final stop in Monterosso. More info on

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