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Genova Airport directly or indirectly carries out the activities related to the management of the airport activity, including the provision of ground handling services for passengers, aircraft and goods.

Available services are: ground handling and supervision, passenger assistance, baggage handling and transfer, freight and mail handling, operational assistance on the apron, cleaning and other services to the aircraft.

Slot requests

According to EC Regulations 95/93 and EC 793/2004, Genoa Airport is a "coordinated airport". In order to be able to operate on Genoa Airport, each commercial flight operated with an aircraft with a capacity of more than 19 seats or cargo (including the related positioning flights) must therefore have been assigned a slot by the national coordinator Assoclearance (Sita: ROMSPXH mail: slot@assoclearance.it available 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m from Monday to Friday). State, military, humanitarian and emergency flights are exempted.

Please note that outside opening hours of Assoclearance, carriers must communicate slots'  assignment or modification requests directly to Genoa Airport: dutymanager@airport.genova.it

Airport Fares

Download airport fares in force until December 31st 2021.

Download airport fares in force starting from January 1st 2022.

General Aviation fees are available in the dedicated section.

Requests for quotations for handling services or for any other commercial need can be sent to the Commercial Development Agency of the Genova Airport at marketing@airport.genova.it

Genoa Airport consider necessary to take actions in order to develop air connections to and from Genoa in and to efficiently use its infrastructure, provide a service in line with the expectations of the territory and support the development of new business.

That's why Genoa Airport issued, in compliance with the Guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport on 11 August 2016, an incentive program for the development of air traffic.This Policy is implemented in order to encourage, in compliance with the principles of transparency and equal opportunities for the concerned air carriers, the development and consolidation of passenger traffic in Genoa airport, ensuring effective use of airport infrastructure and increased mobility and regional connectivity.

The incentive policy

Click here to download the traffic development incentive policy.

Genoa Airport is highly equipped for cargo activities. The freight terminal, located along the western edge of the aircraft parking area, consists of a building which includes 3,150 m2 of offices and 3,000 m2 of warehouse for handling packages with a total volume of 16,000 cubic meters.

In the building there are all the services necessary for the treatment of goods with domestic and international origins / destinations, such as cold rooms, shelter for live animals, boxes for radioactive materials, suitable storage areas, offices for customs authorities and shippers.

In front of the structure, on the air side, aircraft up to class B747 and AN124 can park.

Genoa Airport offers CARGO services on behalf of the main airlines operating on the airport
Tel. +39 010 6015270
Operating hours of the freight terminal for the summer period:

Monday to Friday: from 09:00 to 20:00

Saturday and Sunday closed

Carrier Goods Agents
- Air France / Alitalia / KLM (GS General Service Air Cargo) 010 6512515
- Lufthansa (Cargo Express Agents) 010 651241