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Origin Time Expected Flight Airlines Status
AMSTERDAM 13:25 13:25 KL 1565
TIRANA 13:35 13:35 BV 2241
ROME FIUMICINO 14:25 14:25 AZ 1395
LONDON STANSTED 15:15 15:15 FR 972
OLBIA 15:45 15:45 V7 1657
CATANIA 18:50 18:50 V7 1726
NAPLES 20:05 20:05 V7 1732
NAPLES 20:40 20:40 8P 402
ROME FIUMICINO 22:55 22:55 AZ 1389

Last update at 06:38 on 2020-09-27

Origin Time Expected Flight Airlines Status
ROME FIUMICINO 06:45 06:45 AZ 1380 AZ 1380
NAPLES 09:00 09:00 8P 327
OLBIA 09:25 09:25 V7 1656
AMSTERDAM 13:55 13:55 KL 1566
TIRANA 14:15 14:15 BV 2240
ROME FIUMICINO 15:10 15:10 AZ 1386
LONDON STANSTED 15:40 15:40 FR 973
NAPLES 16:40 16:40 V7 1733
CATANIA 19:25 19:25 V7 1727
PALERMO 20:40 20:40 V7 1521

Last update at 06:38 on 2020-09-27


Terminal opens from 4:40 a.m. to 00:30 p.m.

Genoa Lounge is opened from 5:30 untile 8:00 p.m.

Check-in desks open at least 2 hours before the flight's departure.

Schengen Area.

Free circulation is allowed between the signatory countries of the Schengen Treaty: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Identification documents must, however, be carried at all times for presentation at security checks.

Extra Schengen EU countries

An identity card valid for expatriation or a passport are obligatory for travel to Ireland and the United Kingdom, which have not signed the Schengen treaty. For Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey an identity card valid for expatriation is accepted only for the members of organised tours, otherwise a passport is obligatory.

Italian Passport Holders

Italian passports are valid in all countries recognised by the Italian government for 10 years. However, in certain circumstances they may be issued for shorter periods pursuant to Italian legislation currently in force. Stamp duty of Euro 30.99 is not obligatory for travel within the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Spain and Switzerland, Cipro, Grecia, Estonia, Lettonia, Lituania, Malta, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Repubblica Slovacca, Ungheria, Slovenia ).

Children under 16 years of age

Until their 10th birthday children must be registered on the passport of a parent but no photograph is required. Between their 10th and 16th birthdays children must be registered on the passport of a parent and a photograph is required.

Expatriation of children under 16 years of age

Children under 15 years of age may leave Italy on presentation of a birth certificate/extract authorised by the Passport Office. Parents must also complete a special form available at the appropriate offices. Children over 15 years of age must present a document valid for expatriation.

Collective passport

Collective passports are valid for 4 months from the date of issue, permitting one journey for a group of no less than 5 and no more than 50 people. The group leader must hold a valid passport. For further information contact the competent Questura office.


Passengers are kindly requested to arrive at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled time of departure for international flights, and 60 minutes for domestic ones. Whether you have checked-in online or are checking-in at the airport, do allow plenty of time for traffic, parking and security check. We endeavour to make your journey through the airport as quick and efficient as possible, but please remember, it’s your responsibility to arrive on time.

New rules on liquids on board

A brief guide to help you

To protect you against the new threat of liquid explosives, the European Union (EU) has adopted new security rules that restrict the amount of liquids that you can take through security checkpoints. They apply to all passengers departing from airports in the EU whatever their destination.

This means that, at security checkpoints, you and your hand luggage must be checked for liquids in addition to other prohibited articles. However, the new rules do not limit the liquids that you can buy at shops located beyond the point where you show your boarding pass or on-board an aircraft operated by an EU airline.

What's new?

While packing

You are only allowed to take small quantities of liquids in your hand luggage. These liquids must be in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each. You must pack these containers in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of not more than one litre capacity per passenger.
The new Regulation (EU) 246/2013 issued by the European Commission in order to facilitate the transport in hand luggage of certain categories of liquids, to date not allowed, provides that with effect from 31.01.2014 at all Community airports (including Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland), are subject to control, by means of special equipment, the following categories of liquids.

  • The liquids purchased at an airport, flight side zone or on board an aircraft both EU and not-EU, and sealed in an envelope by the seller, who retains within a trial (purchase receipt) of where it was purchased.
  • Liquids over 100ml for use during the journey to medical purposes or a special diet.
  • baby food (milk, or other products over 100ml), where there is on board and its baby needed for the duration of the trip.

At the Airport

To help screeners detect liquids, it's necessary to:

  • present all liquids carried, separately from your hand baggage, to the screeners at security checkpoints for examination.
  • in the case of transport of liquid medication or special dietary products, medical certification is not mandatory but will be an additional element of assessment by the security personnel on the admissibility of the product in your hand luggage.
  • take off your jacket and/or coat. They will be screened separately whilst you are screened.
  • remove laptop computers and other large electrical devices from your hand luggage. They will be screened separately while you are screened.
  • answer any questions posed about liquids carried by security personnel collaborating and provide complete information.

Liquids include:

  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups
  • perfumes
  • gels, including hair and shower gels
  • pastes, including toothpaste
  • mascara
  • creams, lotions and oils
  • sprays
  • contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
  • liquid-solid mixtures
  • any other item of similar consistency

What does not change?

You can still:

  • pack liquids in bags that you check-in - the new rules only affect hand luggage
  • carry in your hand luggage medicines and dietary requirements, including baby foods, for use during the trip.
  • buy liquids such as drinks and perfumes either in an EU airport shop when located beyond the point where you show your boarding pass or on-board an aircraft operated by an EU airline.

If they are sold in a special sealed bag, do not open it before you are screened - otherwise the contents may be confiscated at the checkpoint. (If you transfer at an EU airport, do not open the bag before screening at your airport of transfer, or at the last one if you transfer more than once).

All these liquids are additional to the quantities in the re-sealable plastic bag mentioned above.

If you have any doubts, please ask your airline or travel agent in advance of travel.

Please be courteous and co-operate with airport security and airline staff.

This document has been developed by the European Commission, the Association of European Airlines and Airports Council International-Europe.

Disclaimer This document summarises for your information the main elements of the relevant EU legislation; it is not the actual legal text.


Children at the airport

Since the beginning of 2017 families with strolling in tow will give priority access to security controls, avoiding the queues. To do so, simply contact the attendant controls. In the boarding area you plan the construction of a point for small children. The toilets at the arrivals floor (opposite customs) and embarkations Shengen zone (forehead Gate 4) are equipped with changing table.

According to the EU 1107/2006 Regulation, all EU airports are responsible for ensuring free and dedicated assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). While disabilities or mobility problems, are not an obstacle to access air transport services, some limitations may be however imposed by national and/or international authorities for security, safety and technical reasons (i.e. type of aircraft).

The EC regulation above mentioned defines "disabled persons" and/or "persons with reduced mobility" (PRM) any person with reduced mobility caused by:

• physical disabilities (sensory or locomotive, permanent or temporary);
• mental disabilities or handicaps;
• age or any other cause of reduced mobility/disability.

Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. has always regarded the needs of these passengers as a priority, in order to enable them to use the airport's services in similar conditions to those of other members of the public.

The PRM assistance service is provided directly by suitably trained Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. employees. Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. is responsible for the adequacy of the airport infrastructure, signage, the movement of reduced mobility passengers in the airport and the provision of equipment needed for aircraft boarding/de-boarding operations.

1. Booking and notification

In order to grant quick and efficient assistance to PRMs, the airline has to receive a special and detailed assistance request (notification) at the time of booking or, at least, no later than 48 hours prior departure. In addition to that, onto intra-EU flights, unless there are technical limitations, if notification takes place no later than 48 hours prior departure, airlines have to carry, at no additional costs, medical equipment and up to two mobility devices (i.e. wheelchair or crutches).

2. Assistance at the airport

Persons with reduced mobility are kindly requested to get to the airport within the timings suggested by the airline, informing the dedicated staff by ringing the Information Point bell located on the Departure level, outside the terminal near the entrance and waiting there for assistance (longer waiting times are likely if assistance notification to the airline is done after the 48-hours time-limit or is not done at all).

The staff will assist the customer throughout the whole airport procedures, until she/he boards the aircraft in the most appropriate way, while her/his mobility devices will be loaded onto the aircraft hold. In case of need, if timely notified, guide dogs will be allowed to fly in the passenger cabin. On board the aircraft, the airline crew will have to brief the passenger on the aircraft and its safety/emergency procedures. The customer will be met and assisted by dedicated staff also at her/his arrival, during disembarkation and luggage reclaim.

3. Dedicated services

The following dedicated services are available at the airport:
Car parking spaces. The Airport offers a dedicated free parking area 50 metres from the Passenger Terminal with special signage indicating the designated points of arrival and departure.
Short stay car space on the departure level, right in front of the Information Point.
• Sala Amica. A lounge dedicated to passengers who need special assistance.
Special pathway. On the departure level a dedicated pathway for the visually impaired has been provided to allow an easier access to the Vip Lounge (Sala Genova).
Wheelchairs shall be provided according to the passenger’s need.
Lifts with Braille keyboards and acoustic signal.
Arriving passengers. Assistance shall be provided to see the passengers outside the terminal where the taxi area and the bus stops are located. VOLABUS is the shuttle bus daily service departing from the airport to Brignole and Principe train stations, while I24 shuttle bus connects the Terminal to the Sestri Ponente district, its railway station and the new Marina Genoa Airport (AMT services). Get more on public transports from/to the airport.
Accident & Emergency unit with fully appointed surgeries and an ambulance service.
Ambulift device for wheelchair embarkation and disembarkation
Disabled toilets

4. Information and meeting points

The assistance service for reduced mobility passengers features an Information Point where they can request assistance (designated start point). The Information Point is a coloured post with an intercom to call for assistance, located on the Departure level, outside the terminal near the entrance.

On the arrivals level, inside the airport, near the welcome and tourist information desk, there is a Totem indicating the designated point of arrival for reduced mobility passengers.

IATA Legend

WCHR PRM is unable to walk long distances.
WCHS PRM has difficulty walking and cannot walk up or down stairs.
WCHC PRM cannot walk or stand. This PRM will be accompanied to and from their cabin seat.
DEAF Deaf passenger
BLIND Blind passenger
DEAF/BLIND Blind and deaf passenger who need to be accompained by special staff

5. Quality standards

Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. intends to comply with the quality standards set at European level for reduced mobility passenger assistance. The Airport should be notified by airlines of requests for assistance at least 36 hours before the scheduled time of departure. Nevertheless, if notification is not received with this advance notice, Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. nevertheless undertakes to ensure adequate quality standards.

DEPARTING PASSENGERS – Waiting time at call points

A. Booking made at least 36 hours before the departure of the flight.
1. 80% of passengers with reduced mobility receive assistance within 10 min of requesting it
2. 90% of passengers with reduced mobility receive assistance within 20 min of requesting it
3. 100% of passengers with reduced mobility receive assistance within 30 min of requesting it

B. Without bookings at least 36 hours before the scheduled departure time.
1. 80% of passengers with reduced mobility receive assistance within 25 min of requesting it
2. 90% of passengers with reduced mobility receive assistance within 35 min of requesting it
3. 100% of passengers with reduced mobility receive assistance within 45 min of requesting it

ARRIVING PASSENGERS – Waiting time before disembarkation

A. With bookings.
1. 80% of passengers have to wait no more than 5 min from disembarkation of the last passenger
2. 90% of passengers have to wait no more than 10 min from disembarkation of the last passenger
3. 100% of passengers have to wait no more than 20 min from disembarkation of the last passenger

B. Without bookings.
1. 80% of passengers have to wait no more than 25 min from disembarkation of the last passenger
2. 90% of passengers have to wait no more than 35 min from disembarkation of the last passenger
3. 100% of passengers have to wait no more than 45 min from disembarkation of the last passenger

Services for reduced mobility passengers / OBJECTIVES

Efficienza dei servizi di assistenza
efficiency of services
% pax soddisfatti
% satisfied passengers
Sicurezza per la persona (safety)
Safety for the person
Si / No  Yes/No Si/Yes
Informazioni in aeroporto
information at the airport
% pax soddisfatti
% satisfied passengers
Comunicazione con i passeggeri
communication with passengers
% pax soddisfatti
% satisfied passengers

The checked baggage must not exceed the size and weight limits allowed by fare class of your ticket (ask to your airline). The transport of bulky luggage is at discretion of the airline, the modalities have to be agreed at the time the ticket is booked. The musical instruments not exceeding a meter in length can be transported in the cabin as hand luggage.

Small animals

These can travel in the cabin in a suitable container with a waterproof, absorbent base. The total weight, including the cage, must not exceed 8 or 10 kg, depending on the airline. Booking and subsequent confirmation by the carrier concerned is compulsory.

Large animals

These must travel in the hold (pressurised, lit and heated) in a suitable container (the animal must be able to stand, turn around and drink). Booking must be made in advance and confirmed by the carrier concerned.

Travel advices

Travel in the hold is always a cause for stress in animals. Airport staff will pay careful attention to your four-legged friend and, if you write the animal's name on the cage, the staff will be able to call them by name and calm them down.

Protected species

Birds, fish, frogs and tortoises can only be brought into Italy if they have a certificate of origin issued by the country of origin. For protected species (parrots, turtles, ornamental fish), the CITES certificate (authorisation for export) must be shown.

We recommend checking with the travel agency or airline for information on how to carry animals, the availability of containers and any medical documents required. A surcharge for the animal will be applied, to be paid directly at the airport ticket offices.

"What are my rights in the event of long delays? To whom should I send the claim in the event of denied boarding and cancellation? I have lost my luggage, what should I do? "

You will find the answers to these questions on the ENAC (Civil Aviation Autothority) website.


This Service Charter stems from the need to make passengers aware of the structural characteristics of the airport and the types and qualities of the services offered, so as to improve the relationship between user and supplier of services. This Charter, prepared by all Italian airports according to the guidelines indicated by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC - Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile), defines the commitments and standards for the provision of the service and presents them to the public and the competent authorities. If you need any information, please write an email to

Services and hospitality

You can buy tickets from Alitalia, Air Dolomiti, Air France, Blue Express, British Airways, Ernest Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Meridiana, Ryanair, SAS, S7, Volotea and Vueling. At the ticket office you can also request additional services as:

  • Ticket entrance to Genova Lounge
  • Fast Track service
  • ESTA for travels to USA



Genoa Airport offers you a free wifi connection of 3 hours. In Genoa Lounge guests can access to a free wifi service with no time limitations.

Tax-refund is a VAT facilitation granted to travellers resident or domiciled outside the European Union, who can obtain relief or reimbursement of VAT included in the price of sale of goods purchased in Italy in authorised stores. Tax-refungd office is located at the ticket office, first floor (departures). Tax-refund is appliable under the following conditions:

  • the total value of the purchase must exceed €154.94 (including VAT)
  • the goods are for personal or family use and are carried in personal luggage
  • the goods are carried outside the European Union within three months of purchase
  • the goods and purchase invoice are shown to the Customs Office upon leaving the European Community

After 1 September 2018, it is mandatory to issue an electronic invoice for tax-free sales to travellers resident or domiciled in non-EU countries.  If you wish to receive VAT refund/remission please make sure that the point of sale issues an electronic invoice.

Inside the terminal you will find one ATM machine at the ground floor (arrivals)

In the airport you will find a "Safe Bag" luggage wrapping service. The Safe Bag point is located at the first floor (departures area) close to the check-in desks, and is open daily from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. For information about the services visit

The best way to start your journey!

Genoa Airport offers you the "Meetandgreet" service, which provides dedicated assistance in arriving or departing. Ask for the "Meetandgreet" service by sending an email to

  • per
  • Accoglienza all’uscita dell’aereo da parte di personale dedicato (assistenza in italiano o in inglese)
  • Precedenza al controllo dei documenti
  • Servizio facchinaggio per raccolta e trasferimento dei bagagli in stiva
  • Accompagnamento all’uscita e scorta fino al punto d’incontro con l’autista

150€ + IVA*

  • per
  • Accoglienza all’uscita dell’aereo da parte di personale dedicato (assistenza in italiano o in inglese)
  • Servizio facchinaggio fino alla Sala Vip “Sala Genova”
  • Assistenza al check-in
  • Accesso prioritario ai controlli di sicurezza (fast track)
  • Pre-imbarco sul volo

200€ + IVA*



Info and booking: 895 895 4404

Air France

Info and booking: 02 38591272


Info and booking: 89 20 10

Blu Express

Info and booking: 06 98956666

British Airways

Info and booking: 02 69633602

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Info and booking: 02 38594998


Info and booking: 0 899 198 000


Info and booking: 199 259 104


Info and booking: 895 589 5509


Info and booking: 895 895 3333


Info and booking: 199 101 191


Info and booking: +34 931 224 500


Info and booking: +7(495)777-9999


Info and booking: 007 (499) 2015 2300

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