AEROPORTO DI GENOVA - Vola in più di 400 destinazioni nel mondo


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Not only direct flights: departing from Genoa Airport, every day, you can fly to over 600 destinations in the world with a single stopover. Take advantage of the opportunity of connections with Rome, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Moscow, London and Barcelona and fly in full comfort.

Flying from Genoa is really comfortable and convenient. Book your parking online and save 20%. Take advantage of the comfort of the Genova Lounge and relax before boarding. Thanks to the connections to some of the main European intercontinental airports, you can continue your journey anywhere in the world.

Use the Skyscanner module on this page and discover all the travel options. Many of the main destinations can be reached with different companies and through different airports, so you can choose the most convenient date to leave, the carrier or alliance you prefer, or even opt for the cheapest rate. Genoa airport, leave close to go far!

Not to miss

Over 600 destinations in the World with just one stop

A real City Airport

Save money on transfer to and from the airport

Just few minutes away from city center

A friendly and simple to use airport

Getting to the airport

The airport is directly connected to the urban road system and, through a dedicated link, to the motorway system, which allows rapid connections in the direction of the Riviere, Piedmont, Lombardy and Alpine tunnels.

From the Genova-Aeroporto motorway exit, Nice is 210 km away, Sanremo 140 km, Turin 170 km, Milan 140 km, La Spezia 105 km and Florence 225 km.