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Origin Time Expected Flight Airlines Status
BRINDISI 08:35 08:35 FR 6529
PARIS C. DE GAULLE 11:45 11:45 V7 1665
FRANKFURT 13:15 13:15 LH 260
AMSTERDAM 13:30 13:30 KL 1563
NAPLES 14:10 14:10 V7 1732
ROME FIUMICINO 14:20 14:20 AZ 1395
PALERMO 14:35 14:35 V7 1520
PARIS 19:15 19:15 VY 8148
TIRANA 21:15 21:15 W6 6637
CATANIA 21:45 21:45 V7 1708
ROME FIUMICINO 22:40 22:40 AZ 1389

Last update at 02:57 on 2021-12-03

Origin Time Expected Flight Airlines Status
ROME FIUMICINO 07:00 07:00 AZ 1380
PARIS C. DE GAULLE 08:15 08:15 V7 1664
BRINDISI 09:00 09:00 FR 6530
CATANIA 12:40 12:40 V7 1709
FRANKFURT 13:50 13:50 LH 261
AMSTERDAM 14:00 14:00 KL 1564
NAPLES 14:40 14:40 V7 1733
ROME FIUMICINO 15:05 15:05 AZ 1386
PALERMO 15:10 15:10 V7 1521
PARIS 20:05 20:05 VY 8149
TIRANA 21:50 21:50 W6 6638

Last update at 02:57 on 2021-12-03

Useful informations

Genoa Airport terminal is open from 4:40 am to 12:30 pm.

The Genova Lounge is open from 5:30 to 20:00.

The check-in desks open at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Identity card

The identity card valid for expatriation allows entry to the countries of the European Union. However, it should be noted that in some countries both difficulties in recognizing paper identity cards renewed with stamps and rejections have been reported for holders of electronic identity cards renewed with a certificate issued by the Municipality. Before traveling to foreign countries, it is advisable to inquire at the diplomatic - consular Missions in Italy on the documents required for entry and / or consult the website


The ordinary passport is valid for all countries whose governments are recognized by the Italian one, subject to the limitations provided for by law, and can be obtained by all citizens of the Republic. The passport is issued (and renewed) by the police headquarters and, abroad, by diplomatic and consular representations. The Italian passport is valid for 10 years, but in some cases provided for by current legislation, it can be attributed a shorter period of validity. For more information, visit the website

Travel document for minors.

All Italian minors must have an individual travel document (passport or, if the states crossed recognize its validity, identity card valid for expatriation or other equivalent travel document - birth certificate with photo valid for expatriation). For more information visit: and

The collective passport

The collective passport can be issued for cultural, religious, sporting, tourist or other reasons provided for by international agreements. The collective passport has a maximum duration of 4 months from the date of issue and allows the expatriation for a single trip to foreign countries of persons whose number is not less than 5 and not more than 50. The group leader must be the holder of an individual passport valid. For more information, visit the website

Airlines recommend to arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before your flight for check-in operations. Even in the case of online check-in it is essential to arrive at the airport well in advance; we suggest to reach the departure hall at least 25 minutes before boarding time.

Security checks

Speeding up security checks is possible by following some precautions. For example, it is better to wear shoes without metal elements, transfer all the metal objects you are wearing in your hand luggage, keep your boarding pass and identity document at hand, store the bag of liquids in a space hand luggage that is easily accessible, so that it can be separated quickly. Same thing for notebooks and tablets, which will have to be separated from hand luggage before going under the x-rays. Remember: airport controls contribute to your security.

Security rules

All passengers are required to comply with the following rules: do not carry other people's baggage, never separate from your own baggage, do not carry explosives, ammunition, weapons, fireworks, lithium batteries, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids in the baggage poisonous and pathogens, corrosive and oxidizing agents, radioactive materials, magnetic materials and alarm devices.


From 0 to 2 years - infant
Normally, infants must travel on the lap of an adult on board the plane. For this reason, you can take advantage of a much lower rate than that of an adult and a free baggage allowance that allows the free transport of your necessaire (stroller, diapers, ...) up to a maximum of 5 kg. Attention: if two infants are traveling they must travel with two adults and sit in two separate rows because, in an emergency, each row has only one extra oxygen mask. Alternatively, by paying the higher fare (child), one of the two infants will be entitled to a reserved seat.

From 2 to 12 years - child
You are entitled to a seat all to yourself, at a discounted rate, and a baggage allowance equal to that of an adult.

Minors traveling alone
A minor between 4 and 12 years of age traveling alone must be reported to the Airline Companions at the time of booking. An airport employee will take care of him until boarding and will entrust him to the cabin manager for the duration of the flight. The parent / guardian must remain at the airport until take-off has taken place. A boy between 12 and 14 years old can take advantage of the same treatment by requesting it when booking. Children aged between 4 months and 4 years old can travel alone upon reservation and payment of a hostess who will take care of the child exclusively throughout the flight.

See the "Travel documents" section for more information.

According to European legislation (EU Regulation 1107/2006), it is the responsibility of airport operators to provide ground assistance and guarantee full accessibility to air transport, without discrimination and without additional costs, to all disabled or reduced mobility customers (PRM).

The Regulation defines "persons with disabilities" and / or "persons with reduced mobility" any person whose mobility is reduced due to:

• Physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary)
• Disability or mental handicap
• Reasons of age or any other cause of reduced mobility / disability

Genoa Airport S.p.A. has always paid particular attention to the needs of these passengers and has equipped itself to allow PRMs to use airport services in conditions similar to those of other citizens. The PRM assistance service is carried out by Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. directly through its operational organization, through adequately trained personnel.

Genoa Airport S.p.A. is responsible for the adequacy of the airport infrastructure, the supporting signs, the movement of PRM passengers and the provision of the necessary means for boarding / disembarking from aircraft.

To ensure adequate service and in the shortest possible time, the request for assistance and the special needs of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility must be notified to the airline, its agent or tour operator already during the flight booking phase or , at the latest, at least 48 hours before the flight departure time. It will be the responsibility of the airline to forward the request to the airport concerned.

Checked baggage must not exceed the size and weight limits permitted by the fare class of your ticket (contact the airline). The carriage of bulky baggage is at the discretion of the airline and the arrangements must be agreed upon when booking the ticket. Musical instruments that do not exceed one meter in length can be carried in the cabin as hand luggage.

If you decide to travel with your pet, you must inform the travel agency or airline when purchasing the ticket. The accompanying animal pays a supplement which can be a fixed rate, or depend on the weight of the latter. Check with your airline when booking.

Rules for transportation
Small pets
They can travel in the cabin in a suitable container with a waterproof and absorbent bottom of no more than 47x25x32. the total weight, including the cage, must not exceed 10 kg. It is important to notify the carrier of its presence to prevent it from rejecting its transport, as there is a maximum limit of animals transported on board each aircraft.

Large animals
The transport will take place in the hold (pressurized, illuminated and heated) always in a suitable container. Reservations must be made in advance. Not all aircraft have the ability to offer this type of transport. Check with the airline of your choice.

Health documents
U.E. countries
For the European Union, even animals must respect the laws! In fact, since 1 October 2004 the "passport" for dogs and cats has come into force, which will be issued by the veterinarians of the ASL (Local Health Authorities) in execution of the Community regulation number 998 of 2003. The provision concerns fourteen million dogs and cats and a few thousand Italian ferrets and in fact establishes the obligation of an identification document for these pets traveling with the owner within the EU states. In the case of Great Britain, Malta, Ireland and Sweden, an immunoassay to verify antibodies will also be required. The "passport" must contain the personal data of the animal, certify all vaccinations carried out, in particular anti-rabies, and must be renewed every five years. The photo is optional while the document is not mandatory for tropical animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, rodents and rabbits. To prove that the passport belongs to that particular dog or cat, before issuing the document, the veterinarians must verify that the "tattoo" (however already mandatory in Italy) is present and will be admitted until 2011. Then the "indicative microchip" will become necessary. ", a subcutaneous" spy "who has already replaced the recognition tattoo in Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo. To travel with pets under the age of three months and not vaccinated against rabies, it is advisable to contact the Consular Office of the member country to which you intend to travel in advance, in order to verify the provisions in use.

Extra Countries - U.E
If you intend to travel with an animal to countries outside the European Union, it is advisable to contact the competent veterinary service of the territory to check the procedures and certifications required by each state. For the entry into Italy from non-European Union countries of animals accompanying the traveler, a certificate of origin and health and / or the document of the animal that shows the identification, the dates of vaccination for rabies, including the annual calls, and for distemper. The documents will be shown at the time of entry into the national territory to the border customs authorities. If the animal is less than three months old, moreover, it must not show signs of infectious diseases, it must have remained in captivity since birth and must not come from companies. subject to restrictive measures.

Protected species
Birds, fish, frogs and terrestrial turtles can be introduced into Italy only if they have a certificate of origin issued by the country of origin. For protected species (parrots, aquatic turtles, ornamental fish…) it is necessary to show the CITES certificate (export authorization). For more information, consult the official website of CITES (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora):

“What are my rights in the event of a long flight delay? To whom should I send the complaint in case of denied boarding, cancellation? I have lost my baggage, what should I do? "

All information on passenger rights is available on the ENAC website, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority. Among the most useful arguments, the rights in case of prolonged delay or denied boarding. The inefficiency reporting form is also available on the ENAC website.


All information relating to infrastructures and services are available in the Service Charter. For any information, you can write an email to, or contact us via our Facebook and Twitter channels.


You can buy tickets from the carriers present at the airport as well as those of the main international airlines.

At the ticket office it is also possible to request, for a fee, additional services such as:

  • Voucher and subscription to the Genova Loung
  • Voucher and subscription to the Fast Track service
  • ESTA for the United States


Genoa Airport offers you a free wifi connection of 3 hours. In Genoa Lounge guests can access to a free wifi service with no time limitations.

Tax refund Tax-refund is a VAT facilitation granted to travellers resident or domiciled outside the European Union, who can obtain relief or reimbursement of VAT included in the price of sale of goods purchased in Italy in authorised stores. Tax-refungd office is located at the ticket office, first floor (departures). Tax-refund is appliable under the following conditions:

  • the total value of the purchase must exceed €154.94 (including VAT)
  • the goods are for personal or family use and are carried in personal luggage
  • the goods are carried outside the European Union within three months of purchase
  • the goods and purchase invoice are shown to the Customs Office upon leaving the European Community

After 1 September 2018, it is mandatory to issue an electronic invoice for tax-free sales to travellers resident or domiciled in non-EU countries.  If you wish to receive VAT refund/remission please make sure that the point of sale issues an electronic invoice.

ATM Inside the terminal you will find one ATM machine at the ground floor (arrivals).

Meet&Greet service is available on request. For a price quotation please write an email at



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